Use Rule Sets to create intelligent content

Change images after your campaign has been deployed.
Show different images for each customer segment.

Rule Set Conditions Example

What type of Rules can I make?

  • doneDate and Time based rules
  • doneSubscriber Email Client, Device or Operating System
  • doneLocation using GeoTargeting
  • doneBased on a recipients local time
  • doneDisplay different images based on ESP merge tags
  • doneUsing real-time data from any API

Display the right content for each subscriber.

Create Rule Sets that use conditional statements based on a ESP variables. Each rule can use a different image and link to send subscribers to unique landing pages (,,

Rule Set Conditions Example

Data Source and Rule Set Example

Rule Sets with Data Sources

Easily setup a Rule Set to display different images based on the real-time values from your Data Sources.

  • doneDisplay unique products or discounts based on past purchase behavior.
  • doneShow product images based on current local weather.
  • doneLook up reward or loyalty points to determine what image is shown.
See it in action!

What are some example use cases?

Rule Set Use Cases
Show a second Countdown Timer to a new event, after the first timer ends.
Show redemption options corresponding to a clients accumulated member points.
Transition to a Live Instagram collage to replace a sales image after the sale ends.
Have a different Welcome Image show depending on the time a subscriber signs up.
Offer different coupon code based on customer's past purchase amounts.
Change images to encourage visits after work hours or on the weekends.
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