Use Rule Sets to create intelligent content

Change images after your campaign has been deployed.
Show different images for each customer segment.

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What images can I change between?

  • doneCountdown Timers
  • donePersonalized Images
  • doneLive Social Feeds
  • doneLive Images
  • donePhotoshop Images
  • doneDesktop Images

What type of Rules can I use?

  • doneDate and Time
  • doneDevice (iPhone, Android, Linux, Windows, etc...)
  • doneDay of the Week
  • doneTime of the Day
  • doneQuery Parameters (Email Variables)
  • doneRandom
Scrolling Conditions

What are some example use cases?

Scrolling Conditions
Show a second Countdown Timer to a new event, after the first timer ends.
Show redemption options corresponding to a clients accumulated member points.
Transition to a Live Instagram collage to replace a sales image after the sale ends.
Have a different Welcome Image show depending on the time a subscriber signs up.
Offer different coupon code based on customer's past purchase amounts.
Change images to encourage visits after work hours or on the weekends.