Personalized Images, Countdown Timers and Live Social Feeds for Email Campaigns.

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Personalized Image Example

What is a Personalized Image?

Personalized Images are dynamic images that change based on the recipient's name (or any other data). Any email merge field can be used in your images.

Change this name to personalize the image!

Countdown Timers

A countdown timer is a dynamic image that counts down to a particular event.

  • doneUpdates every time a user re-opens your email.
  • doneSelect a Date, Time and Timezone when the countdown expires.
  • done40+ Languages ready to use.
  • doneEdit the font color, font size, and background color.
  • doneStroke, drop shadow, custom label size and more.
  • doneOptional expiration image to show when time runs out.

Live Social Feeds

Repurpose your social investment with a real-time Instagram and Pinterest Collage.

  • doneLookup any Instagram Account or Hashtag.
  • doneLookup any Pinterest User or Board.
  • doneOutputs a single image for use with any ESP, land page, website or blog.
  • doneCollages will update every 15 minutes automatically.
  • doneCustomizable with no coding skills needed.
Instagram Example

Countdown Timer Example

Live Image Updating via API

Update any Personalized Image in real time via our API.

  • doneUpdate all text options of your Personalized Image.
  • doneChange the image to show new products or use different themes.
  • doneInclude merge variables in your text changes.
  • doneUse images in email campaigns, on landing pages, website or ad networks.

Rule Set Images

Change images after your campaign has been deployed. Show different images for each customer segment based on:

  • doneDate and Time
  • doneDay of the Week
  • doneTime of the Day
  • doneQuery Parameters (Email Variables)
  • doneRandom
Rule Set Examples

Aireplane Seat Availability

Photoshop Images

Personalizing Photoshop files allows you to have multiple variables inside of a single image, each with their own font/size/color, positioning and text effects.

  • doneLayering
  • doneDrop Shadows
  • doneStroke
  • doneCharacter Spacing
  • doneText flipping/rotating

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