Countdown Timers for Email

Create urgency for Sales, Events, Holidays, Webinars and more...

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Build custom timers to match any campaign.

Countdown Timer Example

Samsung Example

More options than any other service.

  • doneSelect a Date, Time and Timezone when the countdown expires.
  • doneUpload your own .TTF Fonts to use in under a minute.
  • done40+ Languages ready to use.
  • doneEdit the font color, font size, and background color.
  • doneHide text labels. Hide days column.
  • doneCount Up feature from a day/time or variable.
  • doneUse a transparent background.
  • doneExpiration image that shows after the time is up.

Dynamic Timers using merge fields.

  • doneAbandonded shopping card emails.
  • doneCustomer alerts for upcoming charges
  • doneOrder shipping or package delivery dates.
  • doneTrial expiration emails.
  • doneUpcoming Hotel Stays or Flight Times.
Samsung Example

Frequently Asked Questions

  • doneWorks with all Email Service Providers as a simple Image URL.
  • doneAnimated GIF has 35 frames and updates each time it loads.
  • doneAlso works on Landing Pages, Websites, Blogs and User Interfaces.