Use External Web APIs to deliver data-driven images

Real-Time images that are created at the moment a subscriber opens your email using any API to update text and images.

Shoes Example

Real-Time Data Source Images

Use subscriber variables to include Real-Time content that is unique for each subscriber and uses the most recent data.

Endless personalization potential utilizing any internal or third party API, including CRM data and customer analytics.

Make sure your offers are optimized for clicks or conversions in real-time.

Virgin Airlines Example

This email used a third party API to show flight prices based on each subscriber's home airport. Prices are updated each time the image is loaded to accurately reflect available fares.

Virgin Airlines Example

Rule Set Conditions Example

Data Sources with Rule Sets

Easily setup a Rule Set to display different images based on the real-time values from your Data Sources.

  • doneDisplay unique products or discounts based on past purchase behavior.
  • doneShow product images based on current local weather.
  • doneLook up reward or loyalty points to determine what image is shown.
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Up-To-The Minute Images

Deliver content in real-time like updating stock prices, live scores, or pricing and inventory changes to make sure your message stays relevant whenever it is viewed.

Open-Time Personalization

Hyper-Personalize your emails with subscriber specific details like live weather, shipping information and travel updates that are unique for each subscriber.

Harness Subscriber Data

Target and personalize creatives to each subscriber by showing recent purchases, recommended products and loyalty reward balances.

Create Images in Minutes

Point and click with our intuitive UI to build images in minutes. Access all layers of your design to craft a custom visual experience using multiple data fields from your API.

No Developers Required

Our interface allows you to copy and paste any API data source and easily select which data points you wish to collect.

Works with any Email Service Provider

All designs are delivered as image URLs that easily fit into any email template. Ready for all marketing strategies and at any scale.

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