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Automatic Timer Language (November 25, 2019)

Easily enable every subscriber to see the Countdown Timer in their native language by providing the lang parameter.
You can use the value auto to detect the language based on their IP/Country, or specify a Language Code (en, fr, it, es, etc...).

Timer Languages

Map Locations can have unique Markers (November 14, 2019)

Each location on a Map can now have it's own unique Icon. Simply map the appropriate column when importing your locations.

Multiple Marker Example

Added list lookups in Rule Sets (November 2, 2019)

You can now add rules that compare inputs a list of values.

The image below show the image if the Query Parameter areacode is any one of the following: 916, 209, 802; or the recipients Location is any of the following Zip Codes: 95742, 10001, 85001

Query Parameter IN screenshot

Maps based on GeoTargeting. (October 14, 2019)

Our Maps feature will allow you to custom design your map, import a list of locations and make a few quick selections to complete your map in under 5 minutes!

  • doneCustomized Maps
    • lensSize, Map Type, Zoom, Marker
    • lensSearch Radius, Number of Locations per Map
  • doneImport locations easily from a CSV file
  • doneSingle Image URL to embed in your email and/or website
Read More Here Map Example

Added External Image Options for Rule Sets. (August 23, 2019)

You can now show external images (from your website) in Rule Sets.

External Images
External Image Dialog

CSV and Google Sheet Data Sources (July 17, 2019)

Leveraging real-time Data Sources gives you the ability to create content that is always relevant and up-to-date at the moment of engagement. Now NiftyImages allows you to use Google Sheets or upload a CSV, in addition to our API options.

Read More Here

  • doneGoogle Sheets automatically update
  • doneAutomatically update CSV Files from a URL
  • doneSync data to any layer of a Photoshop Image
  • doneUse one or more columns for LOOKUP
  • doneBuild Rule Sets based on data
Google Sheet and CSV Options
CSV Lookup Screenshot Google Sheet and CSV Example

Added Local Time (Recipient) and Unknown to Rule Sets. (May 27, 2019)

You can now show images based on the Recipients Local Time. i.e. Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening depending on the time local to the machine viewing the image.

We've also added the option of filtering on the existence of a valid IP Address. There are some scenarios where the IP Address of the subscriber can’t be validated because they are behind a proxy such as Gmail or Yahoo’s webmail interfaces.

Location Unknown Screenshot

Tracking Links! (April 17, 2019)

You can now link your NiftyImages directly in your account to any website/landing page. You can really do some amazing things such as:

  • doneUse a different link for expired countdown timers
  • doneChange email links after your campaign has been sent
  • doneUsing Links with Rule Sets!
  • doneAnd much more...
Link Icon Screenshot
  • doneLinking images for different devices to their respective app stores
  • doneSending VIP, Platinum, Gold or non-members to relevant pages
  • doneChanging your call to action link as a sale is active, versus when it is over or a new sale starts
  • doneLinking correct calendar files based on their email client
  • doneUsing deep links via an API to send subscribers directly to their suggested product, order history, or order tracking page
Click here for more information and a video.

Link Dialog Screenshot

Added Mobile Carrier options to Rule Sets (April 3, 2019)

You can now filter on the Mobile Carrier in Rule Sets.

Mobile Carriers Screenshot

Added Hardware Name options to Rule Sets (March 22, 2019)

You can now filter on the Hardware Name in Rule Sets.

Show a different image to each recipient if they have a Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10E, a specific iPhone (or any iPhone version), Pixel 2, etc...

Hardware Name Screenshot

Added User-Agent parsing for Devices (March 21, 2019)

You can now filter on the raw User-Agent strings in Rule Sets.

Search raw User-Agent string for keywords (ie: Contains iPhone, Does Not Contain Outlook, etc...)

User-Agent Parsing Screenshot

Added Hardware Vendor options for Devices (March 20, 2019)

You can now filter on the Hardware Vendor in Rule Sets.

Show a different image to each recipient if they have a specific Hardware Vendor (ie: Apple, Samsung, Sony)

Hardware Vendor Screenshot

Added Location options for Rule Sets (March 20, 2019)

You can now filter on the Location of a recipient in Rule Sets.

Show a different image to each recipient if their IP Address is in a specific Continent, Country, City, State/Region, Area Code or Zip Code.

Location Screenshot

Default Parameters for Real-Time Data Sources (March 14, 2019)

Real-Time Data Sources can now have default parameters.

The first screenshot below specifies a default of 60001 to use for the Default Parameter if the Zip query string parameters is not specified in the URL.

The second screenshot uses the variable {Zip} as the default parameter. If there is no query string parameter found in the URL, it will use the Zip Code of the recipients IP Address.

Default Parameter Screenshot Default Parameter Screenshot

Added Data Source options for Rule Sets (March 5, 2019)

You can now filter on a Data Source value in Rule Sets.

Create conditions based on both Polling and Real-Time Data Source values (ie: Show image if Temperature is greater than or equal to 60 degrees)

Data Source Rule Set Screenshot

Dynamically Show/Hide Photoshop Layers based on Data Sources (February 21, 2019)

You can now show or hide Photoshop Layers based on Data Source values.

Photoshop Show/Hide Layers Screenshot

Dynamic Colors for Photoshop Colors based on Data Sources (February 20, 2019)

You can now set the color of Text Layers and Shape Layers based on Data Source Values.

Photoshop Colors Screenshot

Custom Fields (February 15, 2019)

Create Custom Fields to format numbers, massage data, or create new fields based on conditions or text merges.

Custom Fields Screenshot

Create Rule Sets based on the subscribers Device (October 16, 2018)

Show a different image depending on the current device a recipient is using.

Device Rule Set Screenshot

Added Data Sources (October 3, 2018)

Real-Time images that are created at the moment a subscriber opens your email, using any API to update text and images.

Device Rule Set Screenshot