Photoshop Countdown Timers for Email

Create urgency for Sales, Events, Holidays, Webinars and more using Photoshop

Phone Countdown Timer Example

Photoshop Logo

  • doneCustom positioning of each Time Variable (Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds).
  • doneUse a Time Variable in multiple positions.
  • doneCustom fonts/colors/size of each Time Variable.
  • doneUse layering, text on a path and more.
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Photoshop Layering Example

Using layers for each time variable (Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds), you can build timers using your own creativity.

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Space Timer Example

Photoshop Timer Example 2

Multiple Variables Example

Your custom image can display only some of the variables, or use a variable multiple times in an image.

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Dynamic Timer Options

Merge tag Option

Email Merge Tag

Use any date formatted merge tag that is unique to a subscriber.

Email Open Option

Email Open

Starts once a subscriber opens the email.

Web Page Dynamic Option

Web Page

Begins on a web page and will follow them as they navigate your site.

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