Personalize Photoshop Images in your Email Campaigns

Use multiple variables inside a single image for live images, or personalize them for each subscriber.

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Why use a Photoshop Image?

  • doneMultiple variables in one image.
  • doneImage in image embedding.
  • doneAdd effects to variables.
  • doneCustom look for different subscriber sets.

Using Variables

Design images that use multiple variables from any ESP or CRM. Each variable can be it's own PSD layer allowing you to apply different:

  • doneFonts and colors
  • doneSize and character spacing
  • doneLayering and text paths
  • doneDrop shadow and stroke Effects
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Shopping Cart Example

Animated Points Example

Layer Customization

We recognize all of the layers in your PSD which allow you to modify those layers in the Image URL. Create custom looks for each subscriber or show subscriber specific images inside your main image.

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  Hide/Show Change Color Personalize
Text Layer check_box check_box Show unique text for each subscriber
Shape Layer check_box check_box  
Raster Layer check_box    
Smart Object Layer check_box   Show unique image for each subscriber


Save multiple versions of your PSD by modifying specific layers. Reference each View with a single variable while still adding personalized elements per subscriber.

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Photoshop View Example

Changing Image and Text Example

Image in Image Replacement

Use client specific images to replace a Smart Object layer in your PSD, just using an ESP merge tag.

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