Photoshop Templates for Email Campaigns

Use multiple variables inside a single image for live images, or personalize them for each subscriber.

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Why use a Photoshop Image?

Personalizing Photoshop files allows you to have multiple variables inside of a single image, each with their own font/size/color, positioning and text effects.

Some of the effects that you can take advantage of:

  • doneLayering
  • doneDrop Shadows
  • doneStroke
  • doneCharacter Spacing
  • doneText flipping/rotating

In this example we have an image that has 6 separate variables.
Auction Example

Within the Photoshop PSD each variable can be it’s own layer. You must also put the placeholders for each variable in the image using this formatting: {txt}, {txt2}, {txt3}, {txt4}, {txt5}, etc.. This allows you to apply different fonts, colors, sizes and effect to each layer individually.

Here is how that looks when you save your Photoshop PSD.
Photoshop Layers Screenshot

Advanced Layer Personalization

Use variables in your image URL to build customized images for each subscriber. We give you advanced functionality of each layer type to show each subscriber a unique image layer within the PSD, change text for each subscriber, change shape and text colors, as well as hide/show layers.

Here are the options for each layer type.
  Hide/Show Change Color Personalize
  Text Layer check_box check_box Show unique text for each subscriber
  Shape Layer check_box check_box  
  Raster Layer check_box  
  Smart Object Layer check_box Show unique image for each subscriber
In this example we show the amount of points each subscriber has at the top, change the background color for different point totals, as well show the layer which most accurately represents their points in the meter below.
Points Example