Photoshop Templates for Email Campaigns

Use multiple variables inside a single image for live images, or personalize them for each subscriber.

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Why use a Photoshop Image?

Personalizing Photoshop files allows you to have multiple variables inside of a single image, each with their own font/size/color, positioning and text effects.

Some of the effects that you can take advantage of:

  • doneLayering
  • doneDrop Shadows
  • doneStroke
  • doneCharacter Spacing
  • doneText flipping/rotating

In this example we have an image that has 6 separate variables.
Auction Example

Within the Photoshop PSD each variable can be it’s own layer. You must also put the placeholders for each variable in the image using this formatting: {txt}, {txt2}, {txt3}, {txt4}, {txt5}, etc.. This allows you to apply different fonts, colors, sizes and effect to each layer individually.

Here is how that looks when you save your Photoshop PSD.
Photoshop Layers Screenshot