Personalized images for your email newsletter, website or landing page

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NiftyImages work with your existing email service provider. No need for you to switch providers or change anything you're doing today.

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Truely Dynamic

Deliver an infinite number of personalized images from one Niftyimage. Completely change the image by providing a simple querystring parameter.

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Countdown Images

Create a sense of urgency by providing a Countdown NiftyImage. These are perfect for holidays, sales, events and abandoned shopping cart emails.

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Why should I personalize?

Peronsalization delivers results

Do I Need NiftyImages?

Yes. In the past only text was used to personalize, but that text gets lost in the rest of your content. Those companies that did want more would end up using dynamic content to serve up two or three different images based on subscriber data.

NifyImages is changing the industry. Now you can deliver a rich image that is tailored to the recipient in a simple and appealing way.



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