Real Time API Editing

Use our API to easily update image overlay text or entire images on already deployed
email campaigns, landing pages, websites or ad campaigns.

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Modify Text Example

Modify Text

Update your image text to show the newest information on email open.

Show changing pricing, availability, discounts, live odds, live scores, updated offers and more.

Changes are applied in real time and updated for any new opens that occur.

Change Images

Change the images at anytime to reflect the newest product, destination or offer.

Keep overlay text the same while changing the background or modify both at one time.

Instant changes for past and future opens using our CDN network.

Changing Images Example

Personalize Text Example

Personalize Text

Include personalized text using first name and other preference information, even as you change the text and background image.

Allows for multiple variables to create the most personalized experience for your subscribers.