Live Image Updating in Email

Use our API to easily update image overlay text or entire images on already deployed
email campaigns, landing pages, websites or ad campaigns.

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Update any Personalized Image using:

Google Sheets

How can you use Live Image Editing in Campaigns?

  • doneUpdate text each time there is a contribution to show live donations totals or total contributors.
  • doneChange scores to a game or show play by play highlights as they happen.
  • doneShow clients how many purchases or the amount of money that has been saved during a sales event.
  • donePublish survey results to drive more submissions.
Modify Text Example

Changing Images Example

What about workflows or transaction emails that have set templates?

  • doneShow daily or hourly weather at your location or event.
  • doneChange jackpot totals or winning numbers without having to change the image each time.
  • doneDisplay analytics on past visitors or clients serviced in the last week.
  • doneUpdate company stats or stock prices.

Update image text from any source using our fully documented API.

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No problem. Easily make changes using....

Zapier Options

Pull from over 750 data sources.

Create multiple Zaps to update different images.

Easily pull in Live Weather, SurveyMonkey Results, RSS Feeds and more.

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Google Sheets Logo

Push text or numbers from a cell into your image.

Setup in minutes using our step by step instructions.

Allows for custom coding to bring in multiple values.

Check out our blog post or watch our video tutorial.