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Example of Personalized Images widget.

Give your clients features that no other email editor has!

Example of Countdown Timers widget.

Personalized Images

Allow your clients to use any merge fields to create a personalized experience on any image.

  • doneCreate templates for your clients
  • doneAllow clients to create custom images
  • donePre-load client database fields.

Countdown Timers

  • doneCreate templates for your clients.
  • donePre-load client date formats, language and timezone.
  • doneOptional "Powered By Company Website"
Example of Countdown Timers widget.

Example of Instagram widget.

Live Instagram and Pinterest Feeds

  • doneEnable clients to easily create content.
  • doneLookup any Account or Hashtag.
  • doneAuto-updating image always shows latest posts.

Buy impressions in bulk and choose whether to charge your clients or not.

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